Love to hate: evil lead characters

A great many popular lead characters in books are actually people with which you would never choose to engage in real life. The vampire Lestat was portrayed to some extent as a manipulator and a fiend, Ripley was detached and goal-oriented, there was no possible way that these people could actively take a part in... Continue Reading →


Writing with historical accuracy: Dialogue.

I am currently writing a book based in Edwardian London. The characters come from various social backgrounds and the need for accuracy is eating away at my fingers as I write. This weekend just past, I attended the MCM Comic Con at London's Excel Centre and was lucky enough to have a brief chat with... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Anchorage

Anchorage Alaskan twin brothers Harry and Irwin were always competitive, if Harry bought a mule then Irwin would have to get a horse and cart, if Irwin had a horse and cart then Harry would ditch his mule and get a carriage with elliptical spring suspension, seating for four with storage for drinks and, as they became... Continue Reading →

Please Help

I promise to write a proper blog post very, very soon, but in the meanwhile could you wonderful readers please help me? I created a small trailer for one of my books a while back and it's in competition for the international trailer festival. I need a good few votes to push it up the... Continue Reading →

Mind melt

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to lose my job. I experienced many thoughts and emotions as  reult of this but one of the outstanding ones was "woo-hoo, I can now concentrate on my writing". This was, predictably, not to be. Although I managed to get some short stories written and a number of... Continue Reading →

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