New Year, New goals

Apologies to those who might have expected a quicker update since my last blog. My recent plans have been involved in how to promote my current book, The Dead Famous, and also how to motivate myself to edit my second book to a publishable standard.

Plans and mice and men and all that, well things of course don’t always go the way you’d wish them to. My first book was found to have a number of spelling problems, not a great amount, but enough to annoy me after I’d spent so much time going over it with a fine word comb. A little more frustrating was that I had ordered twenty paperback copies of the book before realising the errors and wasn’t able to cancel the order before it shipped, so somewhere in the mid-atlantic right now is a box with a load of illiterate rubbish in it… but enough about E L James, my book’s probably there too.

Being unrepresented, promotion is a bit of a headache. It’s not that I don’t have ideas to get myself attention, the problem is that you have to choose your promotion method and make sure that enough people pay attention that one agent might actually sign you, but part of their job and also the publisher’s is to promote you as well and if you’ve already done some of that, the wrong message might have been sent and that might not be so easy to undo.

I have no real answers here, only problems like everyone else, all I can do is get on with editing and keep making contacts in the hope that one of them will pay dividends somehow. Fingers crossed…

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