Encouraging the masses

After my book was made available to the public, I enjoyed a brief period of it doing quite well, in fact better than I expected to be honest. It’s now been downloaded over 550 times and went into the Kindle top 20 humour charts. All very good, I thought, something to be sustained, I thought… but how? I knew as soon as people stopped being able to get the book for free, interest would drop significantly, and drop it did. 

Now comes the waiting part. We’re in a period where people have no time to read, there’s Christmas and the new year to deal with, I realistically don’t expect the majority of people to get around to reading it until well into January. This poses a tiny problem. As Amazon.com are hosting the book, I rely on reviews to pique people’s interest in it, but if no-one’s read it, they can’t review it, and with no reviews, no-one reads it; cue stomach acid level problems.

In the meanwhile I’ve busied myself with reviewing proofs of the paper version of the book and approved it for print, this means that anyone who preferred to have a hard copy of he book, can now obtain one. According to my sales figures, those three people will be very happy. Probably.

This is where I fall back to cliches told to me or overheard being said to others when young: disappointment brings character, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, good things come to… nope, I still don’t believe it and remain defiantly convinced that cliches are codswallop. 

Only one thing to do: go back to editing my second book, know the other book will take time to grow and a watched pot gathers no moss, and remember that I just want to write, sales are nice, but getting the stories written down are the most important element of this whole “adventure”, that and developing a tingling ache in my right wrist which I suspect to be early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. Not achieved from writing books, mind, but from hitting cmd + R to view my sales figures, it’s so addictive, you wouldn’t believe.

A paperback version of the book is here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Dead-Famous-Ronald-Moger/dp/1481278185/

Strangely, it doesn’t seem to show up on amazon’s search thingy. I’m growing ever more suspicious of this whole internet fad, I look forward to the day when I can grow fat eating chocolates while dictating my next masterpiece to a hired hand. God help my bedframe, Ikea can only put so much quality into each bed and I’m pretty sure that bloating to a size that would make Jerry Springer want to interview me via skype isn’t the best way forwards. Salad it is then.


3 thoughts on “Encouraging the masses

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  1. I’ll be sure to review your book once I’ve finished the two other books I’m reading (One is Stephen King’s “On Writing” and the other one shall not be named and will be killed with fire and buried in the back yard as soon as I’ve finished it, and before anyone asks, no, it’s not “50 shades”). I had a quick look at the kindle version of The Dead Famous and at least in that version, the text was very compact, as in very small space between the lines, but readable me thinks.

    If you ever find yourself out of topics to write about, at least I would be interested in knowing more about your writing and editing processes.

    1. There is setting for line spacing. I compared with another book. It had 26 lines of text on the screen with normal line spacing and 23 with larger line space. Your book had 32 lines regardless of which setting I had, same font size. Might be a kindle app bug though.

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