Hell Pt.2: KIndle Nightmares

In my last post I described, in minor detail, how I saw my feeble attempts at procrastinating away from editing my book.
Well, I expect people to be proud of me as, not only did I succeed in not finishing the editing, but I procrastinated so successfully that I ended up editing another book entirely. Quite a feat I think you’ll agree.

I decided to upload my first book, The Dead Famous, to Amazon to be available on Kindle. This has brought me so much fun such as:

The formatting was out
There were section breaks where I could have sworn there were none before
The Table of Contents looked TERRIBLE (a common problem for Mac users, I understand: be warned)
I was overtired

All of these things culminated in an attitude of “I don’t care any more, I just want it out there”. The problem is that I started writing this book as a film script in 2001, I then worked on it sporadically over the next ten years with little progress and was getting used to the black cloud of this project hanging over my head, it was no longer fun and I just wanted it to go away.
I then joined a writers’ group who gave me the much needed inspiration to re-approach the work and, nine months later, out popped a baby book. A novella, and perhaps born prematurely, but as any loving parent will tell you I love it all the same.

I have made mistakes for sure; I should have got the contents page finished, I should have maybe paid for a professional editor to give it the once over, I should have, should have should have,

The thing is, it took so long to get done, I just wanted rid of it. It’s out there now, I’ll live with the consequences, God help my impatient soul.


Oh, and don’t even get me started on the cover art, I was ready to be locked away for the trouble of that one. I ended up just saying “is it dark, does it give an impression of misery? Pretty much, although the misery might come from it being completely the wrong cover but, meh.

I didn’t get much sleep last night, can you tell?Image


About lechaise
An unpublished, unrepresented author, I've so far self published my first book to Top 20 Amazon Humour chart success, and a slightly less amateurish first draft of my second book. The third book is now being written after which I'll edit my second book then think about completing editing on my first. Or maybe I'll skip all that and start writing my fourth, or just say sod it and go to the pub.

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