Editing Hell.

After taking a much needed mental break, I’ve finally got around to editing my current book in  my now traditional style. That doesn’t necessarily refer to the approach of how I actually edit it, I mean specifically: cutting everything and everyone off to get the work done.

Editing is by far my least favourite aspect of creating a novel, and that means I wish to get the process started and finished as soon as possible. To acheive this I need to:

Turn down any friends that ask me to go out.
Turn off all music (but not Beethoven, for some reason that doesn’t distract me).
Cut myself off from the internet and don’t even think of going near my phone to check on people’s latest tweets or facebook statuses (…and don’t get me started on Angry Birds).

So, it basically means: become a recluse, concentrate on the task at hand, get on with it, don’t moan, know the end will be worth it.


This is one of the photos for the cover of the book “One Cat Went to War: The Tale of Unsinkable Sam”. It’s a very good photograph as it represents exactly the story inside (about a cat who falls for another cat and then, after the Nazi invasion of Poland, treks across war torn Europe in order to find her again). It also represents one of my worst enemies: procrastination.

I could have spent days editing the work and had it possibly finished by now, instead I concentrated on the fun stuff. Making book covers is fun, it’s my new version of getting out the crayons, glitter, and sticky stars and ruining the carpet with copydex.

Pretty fonts, different cover templates, varying pictures, all of these are the devil’s distractions from the pits of procrastination hell. The cover should be the last thing I should be working on right now, actually maybe the second to last thing, because blogs are also the angry birds of the crap novelist’s world.

I’ll bet there are some of you out there reading this who should be writing, re-writing and pulling the hair from your armpits in frustration while editing your work, but you aren’t, you’re browsing the net reading other blogs about editing and fooling yourself this is actually sort of work sort of maybe. It’s not, you’re kidding yourself, as am I.

Better get on with it, the next blog will be cheerier, I promise, as I will have finished the editing. Probably, it depends how far I get on Angry Birds tonight.


6 thoughts on “Editing Hell.

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  1. Very good blog, it’s nice to see someone who clearly loves writing acting with such humility. Most writing blogs I come across seem to be people doing the naughty with their own ego in public (which may be part of the profession but I loath that aspect). I’m also unpublished (well, self published for free but it’s pretty much the same thing) and unrepresented, simply writing to get to the stage of having a story on paper, even if no one wants to read it (an option many decide to take). Anyway, good luck with the editing and keep blogging honestly 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind, and motivating, words 🙂 Good luck on your projects too. It does seem that this is one of the few areas where hard work pays off so I’m sure you’ll get there eventually.

  2. Editing is a whole different animal than writing the first draft, to be sure. I actually like editing more than writing, at least usually. Of course all those things I put off figuring out in the first draft, I have to finally face. Good luck on yours!

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