Development of a character.

I’m going to misquote someone horribly by trying to remember the line that it’s impossible to create a character without putting a part of yourself in their personality. This might be partly true, as I have seen that it’s easier to create something from where you have some level of experience and what experience do you know better than your own life?

Of course it doesn’t need to be limited to the way the character behaves. In a book I recently completed the first draft of, I felt I had absolutely nothing in common with the main character at all. He was lazy, he was self centred (I hope I’m not) but then he was also a cat so that it seemed was that: I had created a character who had nothing to do with me. But then, of course, you start caring for your story and the characters within it, and then you start applying your hopes and dreams to these people. You find you want the nasty types to fail, the pleasant types to succeed, and what are you doing there apart from applying your own sense of justice to these situations they find themselves in? They will, perhaps inevitably, have their fate dictated by how you personally perceive the world around you. Those perceptions are a major part of your character and personality and so you are in the character whether they are similar to you, in your mind, or not. There seems to be no getting away from it.
Yes, it seems impossible to escape all this, but is that such a bad thing? If everyone is a unique individual, and as the cliche says that we all have at least one book in each of us, that’s 7 billion and more books ready to be created. If only we had the time to read them all…


About lechaise
An unpublished, unrepresented author, I've so far self published my first book to Top 20 Amazon Humour chart success, and a slightly less amateurish first draft of my second book. The third book is now being written after which I'll edit my second book then think about completing editing on my first. Or maybe I'll skip all that and start writing my fourth, or just say sod it and go to the pub.

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