Encouraging the masses

After my book was made available to the public, I enjoyed a brief period of it doing quite well, in fact better than I expected to be honest. It's now been downloaded over 550 times and went into the Kindle top 20 humour charts. All very good, I thought, something to be sustained, I thought...... Continue Reading →


How I’ve tried to promote my book

I've found, since abandoning my book to the amazon website, that the internet is full of people's opinions on how best to promote ebooks to the masses. Some of this advice seems quite logical, some of it a waste of time, personally speaking. Here are some brief notes on what I've found so far: Kindle... Continue Reading →

Hell Pt.2: KIndle Nightmares

In my last post I described, in minor detail, how I saw my feeble attempts at procrastinating away from editing my book.Well, I expect people to be proud of me as, not only did I succeed in not finishing the editing, but I procrastinated so successfully that I ended up editing another book entirely. Quite... Continue Reading →

Editing Hell.

After taking a much needed mental break, I've finally got around to editing my current book in ┬ámy now traditional style. That doesn't necessarily refer to the approach of how I actually edit it, I mean specifically: cutting everything and everyone off to get the work done. Editing is by far my least favourite aspect... Continue Reading →

Choosing a narrative style.

This is actually one post where I would like people to comment below on their thoughts. I encourage comments anyway, but this time I will not reply as the comments should be your opinions with no comeback from anyone else, there as a "Hmm, I hadn't looked at it that way" sort of thing.When coming... Continue Reading →

Rejection letters I have received

Let's start with an obvious statement straight from the book of "well durrh!" : Agents are busy people. Controversial, I know, but that's that and therein lies the problem. They are tasked with, not only the job of looking after their current clients and making sure their needs are met and that they aren't stolen... Continue Reading →

What to write next…

This time last week I was relaxing after having taken part in NaNoWriMo and was feeling particularly chuffed with myself having not only finished a fifty thousand plus book in twenty eight days but had also developed a quite stinging tendon pain having hit the keyboard over a quarter of a million times. "I need... Continue Reading →

Development of a character.

I'm going to misquote someone horribly by trying to remember the line that it's impossible to create a character without putting a part of yourself in their personality. This might be partly true, as I have seen that it's easier to create something from where you have some level of experience and what experience do... Continue Reading →

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