Tales of the 4 billionth struggling author.

I’ve heard people use phrases like struggling artists and struggling author but I’ve always wondered what that meant. If you’re writing, and manage to finish the project, then surely you’re not struggling?

I know it sounds like someone’s eating gruel and writing by candlelight in the hope that their genius will be discovered but anyone who really thinks that the level they’re on equates to that must be a little deluded.

Writing for me is a way to empty my head of stories. If people like those tales then of course that’s great but ultimately I’m writing for myself. My macbook is opened, powered on, the writing starts, eventually it finishes. Where’s the struggle, exactly?

The main problem that people seem to imagine they have is that they either have no representation or they aren’t being published. That’s a shame, and if it does really get to them then I’m sorry, but also I would repeat: why did you start writing? Fame, fortune, groupies? I really hope that the reasons and motivations for writers out there are driven by a good honest love of writing, to just hit the keys and know that you’ve at last put that story to paper and then to bed.

If there’s another story to write, please go for it, write that down too and keep going until your fingers scream in agony from impact damage.

There’s a new fashion for writing that’s been seemingly ripped out of the ether by digital publishing tied with the talent show habits of making people believe they can become rich celebrities simply by writing the next vampire or housewife lust or housewife vampire lust novel. Who am I kidding, that’s probably the best way to get published: see what’s selling, write your own version, sell a quarter of those figures, but be happy anyway.

Shit, maybe that’s where I’m going wrong…

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